Project Kickoff & Recovery Workshops

This Project Team Planning Workshop is designed to guide your project teams through the process of creating detailed, realistic, and effective project plans. Using the creative business talents of your staff, our experienced Project Management Professionals set the framework that enables your project teams to:

  • agree on achievable goals
  • create an effective project organizational structure
  • design an implementation plan
  • establish processes to monitor and control the project performance

This workshop provides an opportunity for the project team, sponsor, senior management, and other stakeholders to participate in an intense planning exercise which puts everyone on the right track to achieve your project goals. In this project management focused workshop, your team and our Project Manager will set an agreed upon project planning framework, set the expectations of each of the stakeholders, and then proceed to creating the following:

  • project goals
  • scope definition
  • work breakdown structure
  • a detailed budget
  • schedule
  • project monitoring strategy
  • project control methodology

Guided by a properly designed project plan, your team will be better equipped to effectively manage and control their projects. If further assistance is needed, we can be there on an as-required basis.

Your staff are experts in their business areas, but efficiently managing and controlling projects requires a very different skill set, and bringing in one of our project managers on a consulting basis is an efficient and cost-effective method of complementing your in-house resources with the experience and mentoring of a senior project manager.